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October 13, 2002

It is always good to be back in New York. This time I would have actually loved to stay in one or two places in California. It was a magical trip. I have not touched a computer or even a phone keypad for a full week. The first thing I managed to do upon my arrival in my email land was to delete my inbox. But not all is lost. Some of the messages were sorted away. If you sent me an email and I have not replied all of last week, then because I was gone. If you sent me an email and I will not reply for the next three days or so then please email me again. Argh...
One thing I did not stop on the trip was blogging. Well it can not be called blogging, of course, but it was some jotting down of those little facts and findings that are just very personal and yet need to be shared. I will now try to catch up with this blog, until the pictures come in. There are many pictures and I will not say how many, because chances are that none of them came out. Oh, and this site needs some redesign. I hear you, I hear you. I can not look at the back of the head of this woman on the right hand side forever. So here we go. The posts I will type up now will appear below this one, because they were written prior to this one. (Not really very complicated...)

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