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October 03, 2002
At least the business is good

My salesguy in the filmdepartment of B&H had his hair shaven only on top of his head. His beard was quite substantial. I was buying some film again. Hmm. Not easy.
Witold: I donít think I will be able to tell anyone how much this film is.
Salesman: At least the business is good.
Witold: Hmm, the business is good?
Salesman: Yes, I mean you are making some money with this film. How is business, good?
Witold: Oh, business. Yes, it is quite good. Quite good.
Salesman: Anything else?
Witold: I think thatís it.


do you speak of the b&h on 34th street
on the fringes of midtown
where the postal service lurks
and trains rumble beneath
their conveyor system is a joy to watch
the films and equipment floating by above
and the place always seem packed

Posted by: :::: rickey :::: on October 4, 2002 01:30 AM
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