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September 25, 2002
Three Months to China, by Eugene Kuo.

Brad Jacobson, a writer I work with on a current project pointed me towards a site made by a friend. Eugene Kuo traveled to China, for the spring and the summer of this year and he created a personal flash site, recording his experiences. The site is really breathtaking. Many of the photographs are stunning, incredible shots. The site navigation, the information architecture is one of the best stuff I have seen in a long time. Not only was I always aware of where Eugene was at the time of his journal entry, I also always knew where I was on the site. There are hundreds of images to see here, but the navigation through them is easy, straight forward and still gave me some sense of exploration. All viewed images become marked once viewed. (The marks are lost however once the user leaves the chapter.) I wish it were possible to put together my own little album containing some of the images I have seen on the site, or to bookmark some of them, or send them to friends, basically to make a little recording of my own virtual journey through the China as seen through Eugene Kuo’s eyes. But this is not the point. The site is a travelogue, not a precooked online experience. It is one of the best travelogues I have seen online. You should definitely take your time and explore: Three Months in China, a travelogue by Eugene Kuo. (Flash five is required to view the site and a fast connection is recommended.)


Wow!! What a gorgeous site, thanks for the pointer, it was just what I needed today.

Posted by: dawn on September 25, 2002 02:37 PM

Incredible !
I never knew, I've heard stories, seen those made for TV series, but it was not something I could have ever imagined.

I am a little bit ashamed.
And I don't quite yet understand what is this feeling that I am feeling.
There was so much about China and its culture that I never knew or was even in touch with. I guess the feeling could be described as incomplete.

The statues in Zhejiang took my breath away,
and some how I wonder, about the people in the photos, how do they feel each day at the end of the day? Could it be that living in a city, I could probably never understand their way of life and if it is so, I do envy them of the sturdy-ness and almost ritual quality of their day. But all of this is without basis on my part, mostly imagination.

China is still evolving, it makes me sad to think that perhaps someday it really will be filled with MacDonald's and the buildings already are looking rather flat and tall.

Posted by: T on September 26, 2002 12:28 AM
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