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September 23, 2002
It took a long time to load.

Did you just come here a few minutes ago and the page just did not want to load? Was there a strange delay for you?
it was my fault. I had changed the preferences of the main index display to show 10 instead of 7 days. No big change really, right? What I did not realize was that Internet Explorer filled in the “missing” numbers for me. So instead of 10, which I thought I had eneterd into the little window, I enetered my zipcode, which is 10025. Now my entire blog, about 850 posts were being rendered to one single page. No wonder it took so long to download. All is fixed now. Page loads fine. Enjoy.
(I just tried a print preview of the one page version of the blog. When printed on letter size paper, this blog is now 249 pages long. I need to write longer posts. I currently have almost 4 posts per printed page. Talking about short attention span writing...)
Oh, wait, this post will be as short as most of the other ones. Should I write more? Add more atmosphere to it? Let the fall into the room through an almost closed door? Let the sounds of the television set and the conversations of my parents enter my dark room? Should there be shadows on the walls?, Moving objects, animals, people, plants?...
Maybe some other time. : )


Don't cha just love, AutoFill!! ;-)

Posted by: Pat on September 23, 2002 05:58 PM

Your writing and writing length is just fine :)

Posted by: sian on September 23, 2002 08:32 PM
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