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September 22, 2002
Detroit Airport May 1994

Not even quite sure in which direction we were flying at that time. I think we were returning from the westcost already. Moni Friebe and Alex Oppermann, the founders of Stardax, later Arosa 2000, later saasfee and I drove all the way from Toronto to the westcoast. It was a very strange trip. There was plenty of hate to go around. I will not say more. I think I told them in Detroit that I never wanted to travel with them again.
Hmm... I only have a blue version of this photograph here. I think I used it as a desktop background once. The original is now lost, I think. I first scanned the picture when working on the promotion of the first generation of PhotoCDs at Kodak headquarters in Stuttgart, Germany. But this is yet another story. Click to enlarge.


It seems a bit sad... what is it saying in the silent thousand words ?

Posted by: T on September 23, 2002 12:26 AM

road trips are the greatest judge of friendship

Posted by: em!ly on September 24, 2002 12:11 PM
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