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September 20, 2002


Courtney Shanks was this incredibly passionate producer on our Powerade account, back in the day. She is one of the coolest people one could possibly meet. Such a honestly good heart from Kansas. I assumed that she had moved there, actually, her and her brother. I knew for sure that she had left the whole interactive, online, party like itís 1999 world.
And she has. She went back to Kansas, it seems, but she came back, with her brother, and now they opened this cute little store which I still have to visit. It is called Rejoice!
(For our non native speakers, here a definition of the word: VERB:
1. To show joyful satisfaction in an event, especially by merrymaking: celebrate, revel. Idioms: kill the fatted calf, make merry. See LAUGHTER. 2. To feel or take joy or pleasure: de, exult, joy, pleasure. See HAPPY.
not sure about the calf.)
The illustration for the logo is by Jeff Davis.
(their website does not work just yet, but this will certainly change.)


Oh, this is really wonderful! I really liked Courtney so much... : ) Please wish her luck from me...I will visit her store ans I am glad she is back in the city : )

Posted by: k on September 20, 2002 11:37 PM
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