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September 17, 2002
what a day...

I looked so tired today that the man at the starbucks counter told me that he put an extra shot into my latte, just to help me wake up. I am focused on work, I do not really leave the building. I do not really leave my desk. I am focused before a deadline. Now a second deadline, parallel to the first one. I am focused on the work. My project will end in a few weeks. We will then go to the westcoast to hug some 2000 year old trees. I see less, I am focused, I think less, I am focused. The world around me went dark for a split second this evening. I have not been moving much all day long. Just my left index finger kept clicking away. Worked on 26 Photoshop files at once. Synchronizing items. Had the idea that they could be linked across documents. Thought of numeric controls in Photoshop.
Had a photograph of me taken today. Grant Collier will paint a portrait based on the photograph he took of me today. Maybe he will. Maybe.
My eyes are telling me that it might be time to close them. They are quite clear about it. Quite clear. I will close them for the night and see what worlds I will discover with closed eyes and a brain that spent the day looking at the pointer in Photoshop and listening to an online radio station.
There is a serious presentation on Thursday. I will try to have a smooth f through work until then. Backed up some work onto the server. Just to sleep easier. There will be changes, there will be changes. I have been doing this for 13 years now. I am relaxed about my work. I still take my clients very seriously.
And now... sleep. good night. : )


carrot juice !! :) one can stay awake longer with juice than coffee...:)

Posted by: T on September 17, 2002 10:20 AM
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