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September 13, 2002
Jaguar returns... a tiny bit.

What is going on? How can all these things be happening all at once? Current status of my adventures with Jaguar.
I have one G3 Tower in coma. It contains most of my crucial information, but does not want to come back to live.
I have a powerbook that has only a barebone version of osX Jaguar installed on it. I had to reformat the drive several times, had to remove RAM, I had a dead keyboard, I saw icone of osX I never thought I would see. I saw flicker and I saw various screens of death. I was ready to send the Mac back to Apple, and to send my drive back to IBM, I was ready to send my memory to transITL, or other world computing, and I was actually ready to just go completely analogue again.
But now I aw writing this, tired, barely able to see the screen of the powerbook.
I will go to sleep now. I am not sure what might have caused this whole trip to computer hell. I was able to extract a little piece of metall, that could have caused some problems with the memory. It is one of these cute little spring pieces that make sure the heatsink over the motherboard sits there correctly. The heat must have loosened the glue. THe thing might have touched some part it was not supposed to... This sounds a bit too out there though.
I still do not trust this peace in the machine. I will report more.
Right now... the only thing i can think of is sleep.


Very cool Witold, now go to bed!!

Posted by: Pat on September 13, 2002 01:07 AM

So tired this morning. ...

Posted by: witold on September 13, 2002 10:45 AM

g3 in a coma i know i know...
it's really ser-i-ooouuss.

Posted by: em!ly on September 14, 2002 12:19 PM
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