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August 29, 2002
Hot Spotting

Just helped carry some Lattes from Starbucks (Ok, maybe one of them was for me) and what I also brought with me is one of these new little table markers for High-speed internet access at Starbucks. It turns out that for a mere $30 a month, (A $200 deactivation fee might apply) I could be surfing and blogging at one of these locations. Hmm... tempting, isnít it? It will be, once it gets a little cheaper. Until then... letís try out the free 24 hour code provided. If you have an airport card in your powerbook, log in at any of the Starbucks and use the following code: STDAYPASS0802. Hey, it is a $1 value for you, just for reading this blog. I will now need to close my eyes and refocus, so I can go back into a world as beautiful as here.

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