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August 26, 2002

one of the pictures secretely taken in a Miami supermarket. Pepsi upside down reads ISd3d. The manager did not like me. He had a talk with me and nearly kicked me out. He thought i was a spy for another supermarket chain. Oh well.


That's too funny. This weekend when Bill and I went grocery shopping I was snapping shots all around. It was really early and no one was around so I found it to be quite liberating. I didn't have any problems with management, but it was in the back of my head that someone might ask me to stop because of the same reasons they asked you to.

Posted by: Dawn on August 27, 2002 09:19 AM

It's wierd how commercial properties are so skitish about photography. I got kicked out of this store as I tried to surreptitiously take a shot of these big overhead lights.

Posted by: Todd on August 27, 2002 10:39 AM

does that washington mutual advert really annoy the heck tate out of anyone else? you know...the one with the hip gen y'er with his tongue hanging out
and these big buggy eyed gogle/sunglass thingies...except you can see the reflection of boom and all that in his glasses...like who hires these people? and
these psychos that hire these pathetic photographers, why aren't they hiring conversion kids? ack. photoshop stat.

Posted by: EM!LY on August 27, 2002 12:39 PM

I love taking pictures in the supermarket. If you are running Jaguar on a mac, turn your screensaver to witoldriedel and you will be able to see four more pictures from the Miami supermarket series. I am not able to edit the selection now, because i have no access to this particular series of images.
I just think it will be extremely interesting for us in just a few years to see what was going on in the supermarkets, what kind of products we were exposed to, what kind of packaging was en-vogue in the early 21st century.

Todd, this Camper Store shot is fantastic.

And Em!ly. Yeah. It is a very strange campaign... It is a bit as if the WaMu accounts came with a free subscription to a controlled substance of your choice. And all the models went for a real picker upper.

Posted by: witold on August 27, 2002 02:49 PM

Your grocery shot vaguely reminds me of Gursky's 99 cent, at least in theme.

When I get Jaguar I'll investigate the screensaver feature you mention.

Posted by: Todd on August 27, 2002 03:14 PM

In college we decided to take our band pictures in the supermarket (Too many of them then were in alleys and vacant lots) The manager followed us all over until we left. I still have the shot; a fish eye lens of me in the frozen food section. But supermarket managers are afraid of cameras by design it seems.

Posted by: Jonathan on August 29, 2002 11:17 AM

crazy america!

You have to live outside america for some time to realize how some products (some really unhealthy products especially) are taking so much space in american (and canadian) supermarkets.

I remember some months ago when i saw a small case containting those huge pepsi bottles, in a supermarket in hamburg. This was somehow strange to me, and just not fiting to what i am used to see here in supermarkets.

Then, back to america, i see full walls of these 2 litters bottles all over the supermarkets, something which makes you think...

Posted by: m-c on August 29, 2002 05:02 PM

now you know, where my name does come from :)

Posted by: iSd3d on July 27, 2003 09:58 AM
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