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August 15, 2002
Excellent movie about Vik Muniz by Anne-Marie Russell

There are good evenings and then there are great evenings. Today’s evening was spectacular. We managed to be on time for the one and only screening of the Anne-Marie Russell movie “Worst Possible Illusion: The Curiosity Cabinet of Vik Muniz” at the Reade Theater in Lincoln Center. It was Anne-Marie Russell’s birthday today (She is the incredibly incredible director and producer of this documentary) and she could not have given herself and us a better birthday present than this spectacular movie about Vik, the incredible Sculptor, Draftsman, Magician, and I guess also photographer. The movie was a real tour de fun. Not only did we have an opportunity to listen to the direct real story of Vik Muniz (read mun-EEZ), as told by him, it was just such a well put together little piece of work that it really managed to extend the feeling for the work without ever being too intimidating or theoretical. As approachable as Vik’s work can be, as approachable did he seem in the movie and as approachable was the entire movie. There was just such incredible ness to the piece, which was put together from various material sources. The editing was spectacular, as it managed to turn the entire collection of media into one linear piece of art itself. Truly great work by the director, the team and by Vik. We enjoyed the work very, very much. And Happy Birthday!
We shook hands. An older lady spoke to the director and we noticed that she stole some of the sandwiches from the buffet. The buffet? Well, there was a buffet after the screening. There were great (blurry) photographs by Coke Wisdom O’Neal (really his name), and the only person missing was probably Vik Muniz himself. He is currently on his Honeymoon (congratulations) in Turkey. Blessings to him. A great, great, great story. And a great, great, great movie, about a truly great contemporary artist. I really hope somebody will pick up this movie for their distribution or TV station and I hope that we soon will all be able to see it (again).
Until then, take a look at the movie’s site, as well as a look at the story behind the scenes. This little movie was just wonderful. Thank You Anne-Marie Russell, Thank you Vik Muniz.


happy day witold,

i too was at walter reade theatre last week. it was simply pleasurable and refreshing to see this gem of a documentary on vik. how did you hear about the film? are you in the art world?
i lived in brazil for 2 1/2 years and embraced as much as i could the cultures of the different regions.
the only criticism i have was...how i thought the film could have dedicated more time to vik's life in brazil. could have delved deeper into the country's past and present. otherwise, it did justice to a remarkable artist.

Posted by: linda kwon on August 21, 2002 10:42 AM

Delved deeper into the past and present of Brazil? The movie was about Vik Muniz, and fully half of it showed him and what he did in Brazil. It was not intended to be a movie about Brazilian history. You can find documentaries on Brazillian history, in your local library. This movie discussed here was clearly not about this topic though.

Posted by: Bill Parish on October 20, 2002 05:57 PM
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