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August 11, 2002
leaving for a birthday

leaving now for a birthday of a two year old son of a friend. There will be a cowboy theme to the party and there will be ice cream cake in a pizzeria. Fun stuff. The place is about an hour away from here. Somewhere in Brooklyn. Looks like I will have been in three boroughs this weekend. Bronx yesterday, Brooklyn today, and i am in Manhattan right now.


I'm all for birthdays...pizzarias, cake, ice cream and cowboys...i even like two year olds...but is it just me or are kids really intimidating???

Posted by: em!ly on August 11, 2002 08:21 PM

Yey, Birthday. What a party it was. Kids are some of the smartest humans, with the best questions. If you let them. At the right moment in time, I think. Today’s party was pretty much supercharged by three kids who had their mind on something else.
I learn from kids. What have I learned today?
>> You can ask for doe and it will be given to you.

Posted by: Witold on August 11, 2002 09:41 PM

May I please have some/a Doe?

Posted by: em!ly on August 12, 2002 01:42 PM

oh, certainly. Can I paypal you some?

Posted by: Witold on August 12, 2002 07:35 PM

(Do they have paypal for Pizzadoe?)

Posted by: Witold on August 12, 2002 07:36 PM

it's america, bay-bee they've got paypal for anything.

Posted by: em!ly on August 13, 2002 01:18 AM

Pizza Pay Pal. (Now also owned by eBay?)

Posted by: Witold on August 13, 2002 07:14 AM
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