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August 08, 2002

The sunset was most spectacular. It was Blue at first , with yellow and then purple and gray and green and orange and pink and quite unconventional in the choice of colors. Nobody expected the water to turn into a self illuminated liquid crystal, but it did, it changed into this giant glowing entity that just continued from here all the way to the George Washington Bridge, which in itself was illuminated. And the buildings on the Westside almost looked like the stonewalls I remember from Arizona, they were these glowing stone walls that were now pierced and began to turn into patches of little rectangles in various shades of yellow and white.
And the only thing missing in this spectacle might have been the fire flies, which could have danced over the grassy hills between the trees. Instead there were bicyclists and people on roller blades, flying by, one by one, seemingly faster than the planes and helicopters overhead.

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