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August 07, 2002
Back on its four rubber feet.

We are back in “business”. Apple did a great job fixing my little friend. They cleaned the screen and all. Attched four new rubber feet. (They will fall off in a week, for sure.) The fixing was around $400, but things feel smooth again now. I will be able to post more again, as it is so much easier for me to write on this little powerbook than it is on any other computer. I would have posted this happy report from Tekserve, but their connection to the internet was interrupted, so blogging was not possible.
But now I am back, after a walk through Chelsea and a look at the new Wolfgang Tillmanns piece and other interesting things... I will report...
But now there are some dying lilies next to me on the table and I think I will need to draw them now. : )


We expect more great things Witold! Have fun with your PB!

Posted by: Pat on August 7, 2002 03:21 PM
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