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August 03, 2002

They are OK. They are not bad. Not quite bad, he said. You just tend to take the pictures designers take. The problem is, that you know how to see. And so your photography is following your ability to see. But it needs to develop on its own. You have to do it all over again.
Try not to take the pictures a designer would take. For a start.

It is just a technique. It is no content really, you know. She smoked one last cigarette before we entered the building. It is just a way of achieving a look. It is not really worth much this way. There is nothing there, somehow.

Your curiosity does not show through, when you shoot these bushes. Who cares about bushes? Nobody gets it. This is just an exercise. You are not really saying something by doing this. You have the eye, and you are curious, but it just does not show.

You are making that face again. Trying to look smart or something. This is not working. This looks like... Oooh ohh you are doing it again. Why are you doing this? This does not look like you at all

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