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August 01, 2002
waiting for my number to come up

Tekserve, the guys and gals who know mac have a new home. And here I am, on 23rd street, using a tiny iBook. I am #75. 73 is being served. They are calling 48. Oh, but that is just pick up. The smell here is not quite as fresh as at the Apple Store in SoHo, but I will try them first, before giving my Power(less)Book to the “Genius-Bar”. Still 73. I am ready.
(Oh, on the screen behind me runs one of the chain reaction movies by Fischli und Weiss. I guess I am going to stare at it for a little while... or maybe take some pictures of the two fish in the huge tank.)
Go Tekserve. : )
(It does feel a bit like in the waitingroom of a veterinarian. A sweaty man with no hair somehow wrapped his G4 in brownish pleather. A lady just perked up because it was her turn to pick up...)... Service is #74... time for me to go...


it will be $395. Machine will be sent to apple for a complete overhaul. It would have been $809 if they attempted to fix it here at Tekserve. Should I have gone to the Apple Store after all? It seems that it will be Apple dealing with my little Pismo anyway. Oh well. Small computer. Big journey. Will take up to 10 days.

Posted by: witold on August 1, 2002 04:12 PM
Posted by: em!ly on August 1, 2002 07:38 PM


Posted by: d kitty on August 1, 2002 07:54 PM

a new ibook is um only 1000 dollars... um maybe... maybe....

Posted by: T on August 1, 2002 08:46 PM

Yes, and yes, and yes...
and I actually think that the processor is fine. There is a problem with the power supply and it will not cost so much. (fooling myself). It will not be so bad. : )
All will be good...
If it were the processor, the mac would have probably shown some sort of sign of death. But the baby is alive... just not kickin’ : )
all will be good. : )

Posted by: Witold on August 1, 2002 09:04 PM
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