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June 30, 2002
Left eye tired

I can barely see with my left eye. It will probably take hours to go back to “normal”. I only managed to draw a few jades using the camera lucida. I used the corrective lenses to make it easier on the eye, but it did not really help. It is strange to rest my eyes by typing. Typing is so much easier than drawing. Tried drawing jades using a special extension on my praktina. It was not really possible because I had to use both eyes to see the drawing and the object. I could not stop my eyes from misaligning. I might have been able to set some tracking points first and then trying to draw the plants. Maybe next time. The advantage of using a modern camera as a camera lucida is the possibility of zooms and distortions in perspective. The Tripod needs to be one that allows access to the paper. It might really be very necessary to use a grid. I will probably prepare a ground glass with a grid.
It might be much easier of course to use a large format camera and vellum as a medium. Just thinking.


Is this eye thing serious? I am concerned.

Posted by: christa on July 1, 2002 04:11 PM
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