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June 21, 2002
will the ball be round again?

This is crazy. Espn is reporting about soccer in the same way they report about Football or Baseball, it seems. And now for the first time I realize that the american way to report about sports completely transforms the game. Wait a second. The game has not even begun and all of the natural excitement has been taken out and refilled with some sort of pre-fried excitement of some reporters and some prepackaged excitement of . It is a bit like making french fries or something. First you get the water out of the potato and then you fill it with some beef fat. Wow.
And the details that are brought together around the game here make me smile. A bit as if German television reported on Baseball. “Will they play a three base game today?” “Yes, I think Hans, the players will attempt to get around all the bases today and I think they will try to hit the ball out of the ballpark.”


you better believe it. i'm english and english footie commentary really helps the game. so yes, i sympathise with you. and with the fact that USA were knocked out too. ah well, it's a game of two halves brian...

Posted by: tim on June 21, 2002 03:59 PM
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