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June 19, 2002
Thank you AtomZ

Wow, I have just received a very friendly email from Atomz. They have visited the site, understand my problem and have upgraded witoldriedel.com to a 1000 page account. Life is beautiful. The sun shines outside. Let me go and index the site right away. Thank you very much AtomZ!


Your Last Index was Successful

The last index of your web site index completed 3 hours ago. It took 8 minutes to crawl 892 pages and index 892 pages containing 267578 words for a total of 4712574 bytes. 17553 word endings, 0 synonyms, and 9892 sound-alike words were included in the index.

Posted by: Witold on June 19, 2002 10:14 PM

Very cool Witold, what happens after 108 new pages? Your blog today is very long, a very good way to make every page count!!

Posted by: Pat on June 20, 2002 01:03 AM
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