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June 19, 2002
would like to stay up all night

The temperature is perfect. The sound of cars on Broadway sounds almost like waves clashing against a coastline. The breaks of the trash truck sound a bit like the call of an undiscovered insect. It would be nice to wait up all night. Watch the sun come back to turn everything bluish and and golden and bright again. I would love to stay up. I will close my eyes now. Will need to find some sleep, hold on to it for a little while and then let go of it soon, very soon.
A black car is blinking with four orange lights right next to the mailbox on Broadway and 96th. A couple is kissing next to it. She just picked up one leg. There must be joy in their faces right now. A long kiss.
They stopped. Entered the car. Turned on the lights. Drove away. The corner is empty now. For a few seconds only. It is 1AM. Good Night.


that was STUPID!!!!

Posted by: heather on November 8, 2003 06:28 PM
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