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June 18, 2002
Look at it, but do not copy it.

Just came across an Australian site that seems to be a collection of quite interesting street and graffity art from hmm... Australia? It is called (what else): Clean Surface
Please enjoy the content, just do not get too inspired or carried away. Defacing other people’s property is illegal. Build a website instead, collect street art from your city... do something productive kids. ; )
I used to spray (Did not inhale.) No seriously. I sprayed once, a long time ago, in Germany. Stencil work. Not worth the trouble. It is usually dark, you can not see what you are doing, the results are not as good as imagined. Build a website instead. Write a blog or something good. (Do I sound like your ?)


No, my father would just say very irritably and nervously *hurry up, let's go, why did you do this?" But if it was our walls, he would follow me around with a paint bucket and paint over my art :D and that <-- is when he is older and mellowed out.

If I were younger he probably would have locked me up.

Posted by: T on June 18, 2002 05:50 PM
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