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June 16, 2002
one more picture from atelier Elegant

As I am slowly discovering the inside of the old Christmas Cookie Box, some of the photographs can be organized by people, photo studios and photoshoots. The two pictures from Atelier Elegant were obviously part of one sitting and now I came across the third image in the series. The little girl is here again, this time with an adult lady, possibly her mother?
The back of the Photograph, which is sly bigger than the ones shown here before has the same inscriptions and addresses.

Vintage print on gray cardboard. Front stamped in gold Atelier “Elegant”, Berlin, N. Schönhauser-Allee 114. Jugendstil design on verso. (ATELIER “ELEGANT” I. Geschäft: BERLIN-LICHTENBERG, Frankfurter Allee 160. II. Geschäft: BERLIN. N. Schönhauser-Allee 114, am Ringbahnhof. Aufnahmen auch ausser dem Hause zu jeder Tageszeit. Vergrösserungen nach jedem Bilde in den feinsten und modernsten Ausführungen bei billigen Preisen. (Studio Elegant, First location Berlin-Lichtenberg, Frankfurter Allee 160, Second location Schönhauser-Allee 114 at the Ringbahnhof station. Pictures also taken outside of the studio, at any time of the day. Enlargements from any picture in finest and most modern executions at cheap-prices.) Below, Platte bleibt für Nachbestellung aufbewahrt, L. Zimmer-Friedman, Berlin, S. 14 (The Plate is being kept for reorders. L.Zimmer-Friedman, Berlin, S.14)
Portraits shows great Detail. Here a close up of “Mother” and
girl. Photograph is in good condition. (Size to follow)

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