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June 14, 2002
Two portraits from Berlin

Two of the Photographs in the box were taken in Berlin. The Photography studio was called “Elegant”. The Address was Schönhauser-Allee 114. The Address still exists (pdf), however it is a Video rental store now, so I guess the original plates for these photographs are gone. (If you can find out otherwise, please do.) The young lady in one of the photographs does not seem to appear in any other picture in the box. The little girl will reappear in many. It seems that the girl lived somewhere in the South western part of Germany. The images seem to be more recent than the Lady from Saarbrücken.

Two vintage prints on gray cardboard. Front stamped in gold Atelier “Elegant”, Berlin, N. Schönhauser-Allee 114. Jugendstil design on verso. (ATELIER “ELEGANT” I. Geschäft: BERLIN-LICHTENBERG, Frankfurter Allee 160. II. Geschäft: BERLIN. N. Schönhauser-Allee 114, am Ringbahnhof. Aufnahmen auch ausser dem Hause zu jeder Tageszeit. Vergrösserungen nach jedem Bilde in den feinsten und modernsten Ausführungen bei billigen Preisen. (Studio Elegant, First location Berlin-Lichtenberg, Frankfurter Allee 160, Second location Schönhauser-Allee 114 at the Ringbahnhof station. Pictures also taken outside of the studio, at any time of the day. Enlargements from any picture in finest and most modern executions at cheap-prices.) Below, Platte bleibt für Nachbestellung aufbewahrt, L. Zimmer-Friedman, Berlin, S. 14 (The Plate is being kept for reorders. L.Zimmer-Friedman, Berlin, S.14)
Both portraits show great Detail. Here a close up of The Lady and The Girl. Both Photographs are 8cmx17cm (3 1/8"x 6 5/8"). Both photographs are in good condition.


This is fascinating stuff.

Posted by: christa on June 14, 2002 09:17 AM

I propose you move to make a book of journey with these photographs. After of course ;) you share it with us first.

Posted by: T on June 14, 2002 05:23 PM
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