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June 07, 2002
Netscape 7

There are little bulges on the interface of the window I am am writing this post in. So much going on. I have not managed to simplify the interface yet. Is it possible at all? Oh, and the post appears in front of me as a single line of copy. There are no up and down scrollbars in the window, just one ever smaller one that allows me to sroll left and right. I am in Netscape 7. The future of the 10%? Very interesting. But it renders the blog really well. So if the elements on this page fly all over the place for you, because you love netscape, and because you use a Netscape browser to view this page, please go ahead and download the Version 7 preview and take a look at what things were supposed to look like here. Boy, I really hope this post does not appear as a single line of copy once I post it.

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