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April 18, 2002
The Film Exchange Project

Many really good things come from Toronto. Photo Junkie’s Film exchange Project might need to be added to the list. He could have put the project on nervous but making blogging part of the project gives it the extra edge. So what is it about?
The project is analogue, simple, and pretty brilliant, (if not a bit dangerous). Strangers with a blog and a 35mm analogue camera can sign up to shoot a roll of film and then to send it to another stranger with a blog. Exposed, not developed. Every participant gets an exposed roll in exchange. Each one of the participants has the other photographer’s pictures developed, scans them in and curates a little 12 picture exhibition on their blog. (You know I will be shooting a 36 exposure film for this one)...
It is a WinWinWin situation, not possible with Lawyers, but quite awesome with analogue photography bloggers.
What came to my mind was the photo pickup scene in “Short cuts” (1993), remember?...

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