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April 15, 2002
How many Miles/Gallon is 1l/100km?

Volkswagen today introduced a one Liter car. Which means that the car consumes 1 Liter of fuel per 100Kilometers. This is quite a serious development, I think. The car is not that ugly, even though it might be a bit , and not sport any airbags or other heavy protective gear. Take a look at the 1L car. (Click on “weiter” to see all four pictures.) How much exactly is 1l/100km in Miles per Gallon?... About 235. The Hummer (cool site Hummer.com) manages to use the same amount of energy to move for 10 Miles. Bad comparison, maybe, but I think I would not mind if more people had 1L cars. It is about time, isn’t it?

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