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April 14, 2002
We like Orange

We ventured into the apartment the other day, the store which is supposed to look like a lived in apartment, but somehow does look like another store trying to look like an apartment. The selection of items was quite interesting. The site hurts my headphones a tiny bit. Feels like the interface could pull a bit back on this one.

Enter the orange apartment, which is not in New York City, but in Chicago, oh well, the home of the Skyscraper again. This place calls itself a store but is a bit like an apartment, or a department out of Wall Paper Magazine. And while the name is quite refreshing, the place is called orange skin, the typography of the logotype seems to be trying too hard. I like the interfaces however and the loading animation somehow makes sense. The mailing list screen made my powerbook crash, but many things do these days, so you might be luckier. (It did not crash me on a second visit.) Enjoy a sophisticated visit at the apartment, or get your stuff at orangeskin. (I still get my fashion at salvation army stores around the city... and we might soon need to open out apartment for a sale, to get rid of some high quality products, ok, maybe not.) Good morning Sunday. (Thank you for the link, Tom)


check out the source code of


Posted by: tom flemming on April 15, 2002 03:46 PM
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