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April 10, 2002
Design by Software.

The AIGA will hopefully not get angry at me for posting this one. n_Gen Design Machine is a designer’s tireless friend, assistant and court jester. A little design brain-storm machine. This magical piece of software, developed by MoveDesign hmm, Germans in San Francisco... (In 1997, Peter Spreenberg and Samuel Lising established FORK, communication design division of IDEO Product Development. In June 1998, they left IDEO to form MOVE Design.)
What n_Gen does is to tirelessly create Design variations based on a theme. The more you click, the more ideas it comes up with. Just type in your copy and click, click, click. There are various styles, and the results are funny if not close to brilliant. The various plug-ins whip the information into the right shape. Be it California Noir, inspired by David Carson’s stuff, or The Modernist, or even a Future Farmers theme.
Design-process does not end here of course, and no client should think that this is how we do it. Design is a serious game. N_Gen can make a designer smile. I promise. If you are a designer, you will smile. It is a great toy... Maybe a future tool. Thank you again for the link, Jørgen (A Würzburger in New York)
Hmm, what about Auto-Illustrator?, or any other software or plug-in that is comparable to n_gen?... Yes, you can comment, don’t be shy. ; )


hmm, auto-illustrator is more a collaborative spyware than something else according to the licence agreement which reads like this: the enduser agrees that auto-illustrator or the author can use the enduser's computer for anything. for me too scary to install.

Posted by: Jørgen on April 10, 2002 01:37 PM

It really says that?... Really?... I think this is exactly what every Microsoft User Agreement says too, except Microsoft have much better lawyers, who make it sound like great fun for the user.

Posted by: Witold on April 10, 2002 01:55 PM

yes. have a look at http://www.macintouch.com/autoillustrator.html and see what lame excuse the author has to offer.

Posted by: jørgen on April 10, 2002 09:45 PM
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