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January 21, 2002
Going Beta Finally some movement

Going Beta
Finally some movement on the site. There are more and more visitors reading this blog and there might be more and more visitors who might in some way be interested in what it is that I actually do. For all of them who would like to know, or know again, there is a beta version of a cataloguewith samples of some work. It is the commercial work for now, and it is only in alphabetical order. I should be able to expand on the catalogues very soon. Tom Flemming, the great designer from London (now in Los Angeles), allowed me to use his ingenious design for an online catalogue. It looks very simple and is so easy to update that I can not wait to feed more of the CDs and digital files into the site. I think Tom should offer the system as a package for designers. Almost like a portfolio package for those who would actually like to show some work and not only their ability to code an interface. I am sure you all know the sites that have an intro movie and specially composed songs only to culminate in some pretty mediocre work. I guess not everybody would profit from having a system that would make it possible to have access to the work, just the work and nothing but the work. It would be nice to have a little application that would just translate a database of work into a sortable, searchable website that could become as much of a standard as the Din A4 sheet of paper.
The catalogue is Beta, so please email me your comments and helpful notes. Some of you already do. Thank you.
And one more thing. I am missing a lot of work. Most of my work from before 1996 was backed up on a CD that broke in half. (I have never seen anything like this before.) Much of the work from the early Organic days was backed up in a compressed file that now contains many empty folders. My mac must have crashed when I was backing up. I am missing all the work I did for Barnes and Noble, all the work for Avis, all work for Fragrance Counter, especially the Calvin Kline pieces, the work for Music Boulevard, the Music*Now presentation with elaborate animation the almost famous *boo* presentation that got us the big international advertising budget. If you have any of this material somewhere on your Hard drive please forward it to me. Thank you. Also, if you find that we worked together on a project and I forgot to give you the right credit, or made a mistake with your email address, please email me.
Have a great evening.

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