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February 03, 2002
Remember, me signing up with

Remember, me signing up with and being automatically put into a virtual blogging ring = neighborhood? The neighbor to the right of me is more the quiet type, it seems. He has this big crest on his blog page. Hmm... We might need to talk.
The woman to the left of me seems a be a very cool blogger. (Tempest.inconsistant.org) I wish her comment links would work in my browser, so I could write some comments on her cool blog. And... she has a Courious George Toy, just like the one on the picture next to this blog. (insert courious george toy picture). And she actually looked at this blog, realized that I must have the same toy, and so she pointed her webcam onto the toy, on top of her monitor. This is brilliant! This saved my day. (It is official, I guess, I am a geek). I unfortunately do not own this great toy. It belongs to Scott Cameron, who works in the Toronto office of Organic. (The place where I spent October and November of 2001)
I will need to ask Tiara (my neighbors name) if i can post the two george pictures together. : )

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