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February 21, 2002
Mulpha questions by Mike Hentz

Mulpha questions by Mike Hentz and
Oliver Vogt, forarded to me by the one and only Michael Dodt:
Answers by me in the morning, sleepy, so please forgive stangeness...
> hier einige fragen an die leute:
> Some of the questions :

> What kind of world would you like to live in ?
A world in which there is less ³me² and ³I² and ³them² and more of ³WE² and ³US² and ³WIR².

> What do you think will be in 10 years ?
2012 (at least).

> What are you doing for that ?
Not enough.

> Whats new 2002 ?
Crystal Ball does not know a clear answer. Spring will be new and summer, and there are three new babies I know of personally. Now, that is important.

> What did the 11th september change in your work ?
It changed the roots. It changed our world. It still hurts.
We have these posters here that are based on Milton Glaser¹s I (heart) NY.
Milton Glaser was asked to make a new version of that after the 11th. And he made a dark mark on the bottom left of the heart and changed the line to I (heart) New York, more than ever.
And so do I. And I think most New Yorkers do.

> Do you love your products ?
I love some of them. Some I like. Some need some help.

> What is immaterial design ?
Oh boy. First of all it is a play with words.
All design has some sort of purpose.
Even if the purpose is sometimes hidden.

> Mental design ?
Please, Michael.

> What¹s your relation to destruction ? (expiration date ?)
Two completely different things.
I do not like destruction at all. Maybe liking of destruction could make me a better designer, but this would be a silly price to pay for short term feeling of success. I am not interested in that.
Expiration date is something else. Expiration date is transformation. Each one of us is going to die, but ³we² will never die. It just depends how open we define ³we². Ashes to ashes, dust to dust, but it is the ashes and the dust that actually become the carrier of food for flowers. I think we forget very often, that flowers are as much a symbol of life as a symbol of transformation. Life, death, life, death. We are all ultimately one large being.

> What would you recommend to young designers ?
Work. Do not believe in all the hype.
Lead, listen, pay attention.
Record your impressions.
Record everything.
Try to remember what your parents told you.

> Design in politics ?
Better than Politics in Design, of which there is a lot.

> Globalization what¹s good about it ?
Deutsche Industrie Norm.
Globalization could be great if it were not a cover-up for exploitation and some other old and not very nice human behavior.
Globalization of information is good. But it ends up as globalization of propaganda.
This question is too difficult for me right now.

> What¹s good about glokal ?
That it sounds funny?.
³Think global act local² was the internal motto for Coke in 2000.
How global can a human being really think? How well do our brains really work?
Certain things need to happen in person.
I hope this will never change.

> What do you want ?
Peace and Love.
And the good in people.
And for more people to understand that we are one being. Hurting others ultimately hurts ourselves.

Please do not quote me on any of the answers. It is early in the day still. I might need more time to think about them.
: )
Hello world.

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