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March 16, 2002
Promises, promises. How to write

Promises, promises. How to write a blog away from the computer? As you are reading this. I am not at my computer. I am not even close to a phone, there is no Television and the New York Times has this other price, the one printed in smaller letters, the one outside of the metropolitan area. Where I am, the weather is quite perfect. Maybe a bit too warm, maybe a bit too sunny. I am far away from home, for sure.
During the days of my absence there was supposed to be some really revealing content here. Some things that would disclose information that I would not like to post while here and while ready for an immediate reaction.
But as so often, the time is running out again, the packing took longer, I was too tired yesterday, the haircut was not as quick as expected. So there might be new content here tomorrow, or there might be none.
It depends on how much I can write in the next half hour or so.
And really, the posting time on this daily entry was made possible by the magic of blogger pro. I am far away from my computer. I have cameras with me though and there will be pictures. Promised... Again?... Yeah.. Again.

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