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Two Hand Drawings (2002)

Hand One (Ink on Shikishi Paper, 27cm x 24cm)

Hand Two (Ink on Shikishi Paper, 27cm x 24cm)

From /Notes

Before I leave the house for the day, to show New York to friends in town from Toronto, let me post two Hand Drawings on shikishi paper. They are bigger than the Lilies and were drawn in September of 2001. A friend had sent me a little hand cut out and I tried to make a drawing similar to that. The two hands are now a diptych and yes, they are two very different drawings. The original size of each is 27x24cm, so they are not very big, just very labor intensive pieces.
The first hand is oddly enough a 2 hour drawing, the second hand is a 4 hour drawing.

New York City, April 2002

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