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Parent, Child, and the Carbon Spirit (2022)


Working with pollution pigments and with carbon harvested directly from a flame, allows me to think more deeply about how interconnected we are, not just among us at this very moment, but also across millions and billions of years.

Nothing independently new is created, at this point. Everything around us is transformed and shaped from the same cosmic dust we can look at glowing in the most distant galaxies of the cosmos. There is history in everything we see and touch. The spirit is larger than the individual life. This is all larger than we are.

As a parent I can see how slowly my energy is pushed into the future of my children. My youngest son has the good chance to experience the year 2100. His grandchildren might walk on this planet in 2200. Our ancestors came here in the shape of cells an incredibly long time ago. The idea of everything being part of everything else and also over the infinity of what we feel is time, has been discovered in many ancient systems and religions.

“In the name of the father, son and the holy spirit” might feel like a strange and religious message, but in some ways it is the idea of not just being able to live beyond the lifespan of one’s ego. We are part of a larger life that spans galaxies.

These drawings thus speak about the universal passing of the torch (no pun intended) and the idea that each one of the particles here has been somehow around since the beginning of time. Now, for this very brief moment, for us, visible.

Offenbach am Main, 2022

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Offen und Alles und Zusammen Previous Project
Offen und Alles und Zusammen
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Drawings of adaptation, new challenges