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Memory of a nearby star (2023)


Whatever I am looking it now and whatever you are looking at now has in some way been mostly inspired or even created thanks to our nearest star. Of course. The screen is melted sand that at some point used to be the shells of animals who lived by eating even smaller animals who in turn are tiny plants only here because of the sun.
And the drawings here are also created from the burned remnants of organisms long gone. but for them to be organisms, they also were part of a food chain that with absolute certainty was here thanks to our proximity to the sun. 
I love that the drawings are also shadows. I love that they are based on the idea of the interconnectedness and that they are in fact absolutely connected to everything we and those before us have experienced. Even before they even had a brain to experience it.

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One of the hottest days in memory Next Project
One of the hottest days in memory