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Attempts to embrace a loved one (ongoing, since 2020)

Witold_Riedel_Attempts-to-embrace-my-son_10_0019.jpgWitold_Riedel_Attempts-to-embrace-my-son_10_0048.jpgWitold_Riedel_Attempts-to-embrace-my-son_10_0052.jpgWitold_Riedel_Attempts-to-embrace-my-son_10_0053.jpgWitold_Riedel_Attempts-to-embrace-my-son_10_0015.jpg Motion Expression from the project

I have not been able to hug a few of my family members for over a year now. Our interactions have been daily or almost daily calls over FaceTime and WhatsApp. We speak about the things we wannt to talk about and I try to somehow add little pieces of wisdom and experience into the conversation. Life over screens, especially over such extended times is difficult. This is incredibly tough for everyone. It is unbearably tough for me. I hold on to the screen captures and snaps I am able to capture during our conversations. I have hundreds of them on my phone. Working with machine learning I fed many of them into the system to extract common emotions and feelings that connect the many frames and recordings of our conversations. I can feel love in these images.

The new images do not show an identity. They represent something that is more spiritual than surfaces. The colors are bright and there is joy in what we see. We will hug again. We will be able to be in the same room again. Over time he will discover more and more that we have a lot in common. We are part of each other. Figuratively and literally. This work is about longing, about hope, about not giving up. It is about believing in forces that are much bigger than us and that span generations.

London, May 2021

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