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888beginnings (Ongoing)

IMG_7479.jpg Screen-Shot-2020-07-17-at-4.54.56-PM.jpgScreen-Shot-2020-07-17-at-4.56.52-PM.jpgScreen-Shot-2020-07-17-at-4.55.10-PM.jpgScreen-Shot-2020-07-17-at-4.55.23-PM.jpgScreen-Shot-2020-07-17-at-4.55.35-PM.jpgScreen-Shot-2020-07-17-at-4.55.50-PM.jpg

Ongoing record of 888 beginnings of drawings. All on 12.5x13cm shikishi paper. See also on Instagram

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Loving care again and again Previous Project
Loving care again and again
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Drawings of adaptation, warm