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December 07, 2004
a perfect landing... The rice cooker was done at exactly six am. It is raining outside. The trees in the back yard are moving their giant arms in the wind, waving. My house plants are watching them with well founded respect. Will they become new friends? Will I eventually set out some of my trees into the park? The empire state building is not visible from here this morning. Maybe tonight, when the lights are most likely to be red and green again. I can hear the engines of a landing plane, somewhere in the very far background. The loudest noise in the apartment is the sound of the clicking keys. Wow, am I really such a slow typer? Shhh... the heat is telling me to not worry about such things right now... I do not remember being happier... all of the nights since I moved to Park Slope have been so much more restful and good. I have arrived in a place where I have the option of finally calming down, maybe catching a thought and holding on to it, before a police syren or some other event in the street tries to grab it from me. I will need some time to unpack, of course, the dozens of boxes as well as my brain... but... I now live in Park Slope, in Brooklyn. It is quite wonderful to say the least. My commute increased from an obnoxious fifteen minutes to a substantial forty five... but if this is what it takes to be in a place that is this incredibly welcoming and calm and yet unbelievably accommodating... then great... oh and maybe I will have time again to actually draw on the subway again... have not done this in a while... I could write pages and pages about the amazing qualities of my new home... but maybe if I start out slowly and describe a tiny piece at a time... maybe this could be better... for all of us. A friendly hello from Brooklyn, New York. : )