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December 18, 2003

The outside looks like the inside of a jewel box. The sky has a velvety quality to it, the layer of clouds looks very soft over the sharp edged city. The windows of the buildings around here are illuminated and decorated in a way that makes them appear like precious glittering objects. It is interesting to realize that they are actually more than that. Each one of the lights around here seems to indicate that somebody's day is not quite over... And these here are not offices. These are not necessarily people working. I can see several families from here, still playing with their kids... in one of the windows of the columbia house, somebody appears to be treated like a guest. There are many windows shimmering in a very bluish light... it is quite clear what is not happening there...
It is interesting to see how some quite natural human daytime activities have been pushed out of the day (which is reserved for focused work) and into the time when one would naturally want to sleep? It is certainly nothing new that humans attempt to carve more hours out of the day... I just wonder how the quality of perception changes in a day...
Silly thoughts... should be sleeping myself right now...

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