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December 12, 2003
The Morning News and my truly badly updated catalogue and other things.

The Morning News today, linked to some of my drawings in the catalogue on this site. (Wow, thank you!) It is moments like these when I painfully realize that most of my work is not here online... and an even smaller part of this small part, actually sits in the catalogue. If you just surfed in from The Morning News and are a bit confused about the lack of any more drawings... please use the search field on the right hand side of this page here and look for funny key words like: "360x360", or "111" or... "Moleskine"... and this will probably keep you entertained until the next morning... when this site will again become The Yesterday's News... and I will quietly write more about those barely visible little things between the barely visible little things...
Thank you so much for visiting... (A big thanks to all of the 80 or so Sites that have linked to me so far... it feels like you guys actually like what you see here... thank you...)

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