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September 04, 2003
Drive meltdown update...

Drive X was able to just perform the various tests easily. Only the catalogue structure of the drive seemed to be damaged. I turned on "surface test" and this is where Drive X crashed (I think.) My drive did not want to show up anymore at all.
I removed the drive from the Powerbook and put it into its own enclosure. (The drive is a 48Gig Travelstar, built 11.2001.
Tried to mount it as an external drive from my G3 tower. No luck. Tried LaCie tools (Silverlining) but it was not able to see the drive. Norton Utilities would just crash. (We are now in os9)... The drive would receive a call from Norton, but then prin down after a few seconds CLACK CLACK... (really loud knocking.)
After several restarts and various Norton attempts, the drive just mounted, for a few seconds, just to bring the entire system down.
After 2 hours of trying, Norton finally managed to find the drive. It discovered that the Catalogue Header was damaged. It repaired it.
In order to repair anything further, Norton needed the driver from the HD, it warned me that it would crash... and so it did.
Now with the drive at least being recognized by the system (=would you like to format?) I was able to go back to Drive X, which is now attempting to repair the catalogue of the drive. The message on the screen of my crippled PowerBook, which runs from the CD and does not contain a System bearing drive reads as follows: "Repairing the volume structures will recover the directory and repair problems with the volume"... Let's hope it will indeed happen...

-- update 5:30PM
"Repairing the volume structures will recover the directory and repair problems with the volume" Step 1,181,140 of 1,434,595... Task 5 of 6...
(Still hoping...)

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