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February 23, 2003

Take somebody who is somehow able to function normally and generate some decent ideas from time to time, and remove several hours of their sleep every night and you will likely end up with a deer in heads personality, worse, a dear in heads running, in full deer gear. You basically get me, as I am feeling now, or these days. I have slept too little in the last few weeks. I just wanted to do too much and too much of it at the same time. It is almost five am right now, and I am still up. Knowing myself and my internal clock, I will be able to fall asleep very easily, but once the paper hits the front door at about 7:30AM (on a Sunday) I will be up, all bright-eyed and bushy tailed and ready for new adventures. I could have been sleeping for the last four hours at least, but today was the day when I finally had time to connect my new incredible machine, which I had ordered in October and which arrived on Thursday. Amazon delivered the printer after all. As you can see on the Amazon page, a used Epson 2200 is more expensive than a new one, because for the last few months it was simply impossible to get one, anywhere. When it finally arrived, it came in the biggest box I have ever seen with the name Epson on it. The thing is about a yard by a foot by a foot. (100x30x30cm) New York apartments are just not built for such equipment monsters. I will have to get rid of the box now, as it is blocking half the kitchen. So I had to rearrange certain things in my work area, and this took all day. There was an outlet to which I wanted to connect the printer, but the outlet happened to be behind a bookshelf packed with rows and rows of books. I really spent the day rearranging and organizing things. I have many things. I found two books filled with drawings in the process. I had completely forgotten about them. Some of the work feels much better than what I am doing right now, so I will need to focus a little more on making things right. Oh, and I will not be getting rid of my old G3 tower, which I bought from Organic when they were scaling down their equipment, among other things. It turns out that many of the features of the big printer are just not compatible with OSX. Who would have thought. I had researched the printer quite extensively before buying it, of course, but when I was getting ready to buy it, OSX was not quite the Jaguar it is these days, so I could not know. It is actually quite nice to have a dedicated scanning and printing machine. It is quite silly though to have six Macintosh computers in one tiny New York apartment. But this is a completely different story, of course. Oh, I can barely focus right now.
And yes, the printer delivers some quite mind boggling quality in under 15 minutes. What turns out to be a weak point of my currently almost 10,000 images strong scanned photographs collection is the compression of the pictures. My photo man probably just wanted to pack more on fewer CDs, never expecting me to actually print this stuff ever again. (It is not bad for the web). I will now have to go back to the negatives and scan some of the photographs for more than what I paid for, just to be able to make some happy crispy prints...
I have the feeling that I will delete this entry in the morning, such a confused hopping around of silly thoughts. Good night for now, I will report more in the morning. The other morning, when the paper hits the door again.


lullaby... and good night

Posted by: shauna on February 23, 2003 06:19 AM

Thank you so much, Shauna.
Just as predicted, I am up... it is 7:15AM
(I just think I will need to go back into dreamland.)

Posted by: witold on February 23, 2003 07:12 AM

I'm jealous. I've been lusting after that printer, or one of the other similar Epsons for months now, and I keep telling myself that whenever I have a spare $800 I'm going to buy one, but somehting else more important seems to come up every time I get close.
I just went to the printer's Amazon page and read the features and reviews, and it just makes my little old Stylus 740 seem that much older and inferior (though I think I helped the inferiority part along a bit with years of printing on heavy printmaking papers instead of the proper inkjet kind.
Oh well. Eventually...

Posted by: nat on February 23, 2003 01:40 PM

oh, too late to delete it now.

Posted by: - s - on February 23, 2003 03:18 PM

It is too late to delete it now indeed...
I should post the next pages... but they are so complicated...
hmm... let me see...
: )

Posted by: witold on February 23, 2003 03:38 PM
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