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February 18, 2003
Subway, series? 58-59

Not in a subway at all, but on the of a large complex overlooking a bay, with pelicans flying by and a plane in the distance, well, this is when I drew these. They are just little thought sketches, of course. They are just little thoughts of the hand. Exercises in simplicity. And there is also some cuteness involved, I know. It takes extra effort to draw something not somehow warm when drawing in this size. How could I ever resist making a tiny plane on the page of a small book smile? It is just such a joy trying to draw a bird or a plane in as few lines as possible. The "eagles" are, in fact, one liners with two dots for the eyes. I could habe used one dot, but everybody on this page seems to have two eyes, so why not the one line eagle?
Why are there little dolphins on the page?, and even this Orca-esque little fish?... I wish I knew the right answer to this one. It is quite possible that I saw dolphins from the deck, as they were hunting in the bay. I should be sleeping right now, not trying to write. Have a great week.


thoughts of the hand. good observation. sometimes in those ENDLESS meetings and conference calls that i suffer though i will find an entire page of sketches or doodles or pictures or patterns and have no idea what compelled those drawings. some have turned out so interesting i have kept them. others became the motivation for other forms of creative expression. most of the time i wonder what the hell i was thinking and good lord do i ever suck at this art stuff.

Posted by: the mighty jimbo on February 18, 2003 01:54 AM

the dolphins are great! one seems so jolly. the other appears to be needing a bit more sleep. :)
sounds like 2 elements of Withold. :)

Posted by: Vikki on February 18, 2003 08:03 AM

it's a bird!... it's a plane!... it's it's... a pheeeeeeeeeesch?!... hmmm, witold's theory of evolution?

goofy planes!

Posted by: - s - on February 23, 2003 03:22 PM
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