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April 28, 2002
pretty old... (or pretty young...)

Mememe, all about me.... Here is the truth about my age:

You said your birthday is 12 / 20 / 1969 which means you are 32 years old and that you were:

27 years old when Princess Diana died
(and I remember watching the news in my tiny Apartment on 73rd street, in complete disbelief)

25 years old at the time of Oklahoma City bombing
(I know this will sound completely horrible, but for some reason this horrible tragedy did not make the news as much in Germany as it did in the US, so I could not quite relate as much. I obviously lived in Germany at that time.)

24 years old when O. J. Simpson was charged with murder
(This one was a very US specific phenomenon. German Television just gave us tiny glimpses of it.)

21 years old when Operation Desert Storm began
(I lived in the Bettina Strasse in Offenbach and the Planes would fly over our city because of the proximity of the Frankfurt Air base. If was pretty scary. War felt very close. A bit too close. I was an art student at that time)

19 years old during the fall of the Berlin Wall
(I remember driving in my old Mercedes in the middle of a rainy night, when the news hit the airwaves. I cried. I cried immediately and for a long time. We had escaped from Poland in 1981 and I had just refused to serve the Western German Army, because I did not want to be in a conflict in which I might have to shoot at my former friends and family. Among other reasons, of course. It was just a very personal thing. The world was about to change. It was a very big event for me. I remember driving into East Germany a few weeks later, a bit in disbelief that it actually happened)

16 years old when the space shuttle Challenger exploded
Saw it live on Television. And it was heartbreaking. I do not think I really understood.

14 years old when Apple introduced the Macintosh
I remember this one quite well. A friendís brother bought one as soon as they came out. He had an apple IIe before that. I had an atari600XL and loved it.

13 years old during Sally Ride's travel in space
I do not remember.

11 years old when Pres. Reagan was shot by John Hinckley, Jr.
We were in Poland, I think... It was shocking but it was ok that the president was so protected. I had no idea.

9 years old at the time the Iran hostage crisis began
It was a big story on the news. But I was more interested in other things, for sure.

6 years old on the U.S.'s bicentennial Fourth of July
An event not global enough to shake the Airwaves for a 6 year old in Poland.

4 years old when President Nixon left office
I was too young to know. I only remember the following presidents. I thought it was really cool that one of them had the name of a car. I was a kid, you know.

2 years old when Alabama Gov. George C. Wallace was shot
I had just written my first novel... No wait... Not really... Do not remember this one, of course...

Taken from Boy the Bear's Age Gauge


Just wanted to say you and your site always inspires me. I try to do the same for others =)..

Posted by: eric feliciano on April 28, 2002 11:57 AM

Thank you Redd! I really appreciate your kind words. They mean a lot. Keep up the good work. Rock on!

Posted by: Witold on April 28, 2002 12:18 PM
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