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February 07, 2002
Received a sweet lens today.

Received a sweet lens today. It is an Olympia Sonnar 4/300. The lens weighs maybe 6 pounds and is just a wild piece of engineering from the 30šs. The original Olympia Lens was developed by Dr. Ludwig Bertele at Carl Zeiss in 1930. Some of the lenses reach speeds of up to f/1.5. Mine is a Carl Zeiss Jena with the number 6237482. It is just crazy how it dwarfs the camera. My particular model must have been manufactured in the 50šs or early 60šs because it fits the praktina FX. (Why else would I have bought it.)
The lens seems to be in pretty good shape. I will have to shoot some tests and will then report. Looking forward to it.
I just attached a macro extension ring to the lens and it is excellent. It offers the flatness of a tele lens combined with shorter distances. I might be losing some though. Need more testing. Will post images here, of course, so stay tuned.

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