The Bear...

Take a look at The Morning News this morning. : ) (Morning, morning...) Thank you so much Rosecrans!


Subway drawings in 1/04, bear photos in 1/05. You're accumulating an interesting archive at the Morning News.


hey, those rock! i especially like bear with osage orange and bear with sunlight on window blinds.

what a treat to run into your photos! i love osage oranges -- and really like your wee bear. happy new year -- and we miss you over here. we follow along with you online -- but it's not quite the same...

Oh my gosh, your bear pictures are so wonderful.
They have such a great whimsical, bittersweet
quality. Please take more!

So proud of you and Mr. Bear... congratulations! The photos are beautiful.

I'm in awe of your storytelling abilities. Happy New Year, Witold - here's to a great 2005 for us both.

awesome. expert craftsmanship and fun, playful use of scale!

oh, i love this tiny bear!

applause! some of them give me vertigo.

Jasmine and I were just checking out the bear. nice work!

See the World in a Teddy Bear
And Eternity in an Hour

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