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This morning I closed my eyes and immediately found myself on a full train going south to a place I have never had a chance to visit. The train car was packed. I was sandwiched between a man with a single eyebrow and a very loud voice and a very sweet looking woman, wearing glasses. It was as if I had been placed between two extremes. On one side of me was this overbearing bilingual guy, a bit of a giant really. On the other side, the one by the window, this woman, her hair incredible, her skin of a transparence that probably made me blush. I pretended to look out of the window. I tried to inhale as quietly as possible, for as long as possible. The tiny particles that entered my body seemed to be of the supreme kind, the ones that turned the capillaries in my fingertips into tingling messengers of happiness. This was quite obviously an extraordinary woman. It appeared as if she had been placed into this very seat by my most inner wishful thinking. I could not resist her presence. In my daydream, I began to daydream. She and I were outside of the train car now, levitating in the warm breeze, sitting close to each other. Our speed had not changed, but the sensations have been further modified. The soundtrack to this experience appeared to be the recording of crickets and water, somewhere far away. I still wanted to pretend that I was looking out the window, but there were no windows, no train car, no tracks even now... all gone... now... I just knew that we were heading in the right direction... but how did I know? I did not know. "Look", I tried to start the conversation. "May I introduce you to the sky and the horizon? They are my long time friends. I love them dearly, though I know that we will only be able to meet once I will be no longer myself. They are the closest, dearest friends and the most distant ones at the same time. I would like you to meet them. And I would like to introduce you to them... wait a second... how... wait... wait..." She turned to me in a way that somehow showed that she had been completely aware of my presence: "and so?," she asked... I opened my eyes and found myself in a large dark conference room during a meeting, in a plastic chair, my name tag on the table in front of me. Two folders with markings and highlighted text, two cups of coffee, a bottle of water, pens, markers, a legal pad. My writing on it. I closed my eyes again. darkness. I closed them again. darkness. I opened my eyes. darkness. Who was that guy with the single brow?

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Lovely. At least there was something worthwhile from that meeting? I hope the lost feeling does not linger.

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