ohhh love love love it :)

crouton or sugarcubes?...ssssssweet or salty?

not sure if sweeeeeeet or salty, but i think the bear had a rough little spot on his nose after this picture was taken... or made...
: ) hmm...

I suggest a pat of butter for that rough spot

woooooooooooooow.... : )

Don't do it, little bear!

if he wrapped himself the gold foil he would be warm and fashionable; the butter would provide an extra layer of insulations for the coming winter months. taking a dip in the frigid water would seem natural. after all other bears do it all the time. the crouton will be a true necessity once he takes the plunge; it's always a good idea to bring along personal floation devices. even with the additional insulation teddy will run the risk of hypothermia. teddy is always ready for his next adventure.

Ahhhh... I love the little bear.

I love the last one... it's a very nice effect !
i have made some pictures of monchichi during my trip if you want to check ...

wow. i love these!

so great. the last shot is wonderful.

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