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It was nice to discover that the powerbook attachment for iSight fits perfectly over the head of one of my French Camera Lucidas. And so an optical drawing instrument from the late 19th century is now temporarily serving as the holder of an optical device that is somehow early 21st century. The Powerbook here is recording and broadcasting the images of a plant that decided to come back from the dead and I also use it to write this, and to shoot the little photographs below, documenting what is currently going on... It is a bit like juggling with different pieces of an unintentional puzzle... but I guess most of the things we do today are just like that... It is interesting to think about how incredibly temporary some of the pieces of this puzzle are... (Oh, and I am including myself here...)

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you got the whole hollywood production happening now... groooovy :)

: )
shoe box studios... : )
or a Z and two Os...
; )

you have quite a garden :)
is that the lovely avocado tree, bottom left hand corner of middle photo?
jade plant. aloe. red leafed begonia. these are nice! and the old/new technology coupling is cool.
oh yes, nice floor... :)

The convergence of past and present technologies, recording the rhythms life. Love it.

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