Switch in Brooklyn


Looking at the Apple - Switch - Ads one might ask oneself if these people are actually real. (Sorry for this convoluted grammar.) Turns out that Dr. Mark Gibson is from Brooklyn and that his practice is a real one. They have a website, of course, take a look at Animal Kind. Thank you for this link, K.


This is my vfet and my friend's vet and they are great! They are incredibly busy, because they are so good with the animals..also, I used to go to St. Mark's Vet in the city, which is also a great, great place. Very busy tooo.

funny ... we were just talking about Animal Kind this morning at the dog park. we're looking to change vets and that's where our friends said we should go. small world.

He's our vet too! In fact, we have an appt. for teh two cats this saturday. They are not the cheapest place you can go - but they are very good. Great to hear they used "real" people in teh ad!

does anyone need a dog walker?

If this is okay, allow me to post this here Witold, it's temporary. I have a kitten, not my kitten, a friend found her, very tiny. she offered the kitten to me. I cannot take her, she needs a kind home, I would like to keep her, but...I already have a cat in california, this feels like a betrayl, my apartment is such, if I keep I pet I will be homeless too, so neither of us will have a home soon...

does anyone want a kitten ?
if you live near NYC and believe you are responsible enoug please e-mail me.
They will turn her out into the streets soon.

Did anyone notice that he looks just like George W? Kinda erie...

i want a kitten! (but could not afford to feed it--sorry.(

The owner of the dumpling place came and claimed the kitten. Thank you for the concern, sorry for the inconvenience this may have caused you.

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